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Terms & Conditions

The websites that the PERSOL Singapore manage (hereinafter collectively "the Site"), such inteasia.com, all have the security measures as described below in place for safe and trouble-free use by site visitors. 

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

For all the Site through which individuals may enter their personal information, the encrypted communication method based on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), authorized by Geo Trust CA., is used. It is to prevent any such personal information from being stolen or illegally altered.

Personal Authentication

Some pages in the Site allow staff workers to send work-related information and also inquire about jobs. For such communication, applicants are required to enter their personal information in order to confirm their authenticity thus blocking possible spoofing. The entered information will be used solely to confirm that the applicant is one of our registered workers, and will never be used for any other purpose.


The Site uses JavaScript. If JavaScript is not enabled on your browser, some services on the Site may not function properly. To make full use of the Site, please enable JavaScript on your browser.


The Cookies system is used for the Sites. The information exchanged for this system is used only for confirming the computer system used for visiting the site or authentication of the site visitor. No information leading to the identification of the individual is included.
* If the use of Cookies is inhibited in the user's browser security system, the related the Sites cannot be used.


With regard to the Sites and written work, photos, images, music, sound and any other copyright-subject work (hereinafter referred to collectively as Information Contents) included in any of the Sites, the copyright belongs to Tempstaff, original author(s) and/or any other copyright owner(s).

It is prohibited to copy, publicly transmit, amend, delete, transfer to one's own website or commit any other similar act concerning Information Contents without prior written approval of Tempstaff, original author(s) and/or other copyright owner(s) except in case of printing or keeping Information Contents for personal use or other cases permitted under the Copyright Law. Those intending to do any of the above are requested to contact Tempstaff in advance to acquire relevant approval thereof. However, it is possible that Tempstaff may refuse to approve such use when Information Contents include copyrighted work, trade marks, etc. of a third party, or in any other case which Tempstaff considers inappropriate.

When using any of the Information Contents after obtaining approval of Tempstaff, the ownership of the copyright should be indicated as instructed by Tempstaff.

Use of Trademarks, etc,

The rights to trademarks, logos, copyrighted work, etc. included in the Site and Tempstaff advertisement media belong either to Tempstaff, relevant copyright owner(s) or originator(s), and such rights are legally protected by the Trademark Law, the Unfair Competition Prevention Law and other related laws and ordinances. Those who intend to use any of these are requested to contact Tempstaff in advance, and use them only after acquiring approval of Tempstaff thereof. t be altered or deleted without prior consent of Tempstaff.

Recommended Environment

The following browsers are recommended to use the Site.


  • Internet Explorer 7.x、8.x、9.x、10.x
  • Google Chrome (the latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (the latest version)


  • Safari 5.0 and above


We post any information on Tempstaff Websites carefully with due diligence. However, Tempstaff does not bear any responsibility for the correctness, certainty, utility, timeliness, or completeness of the information shown. Furthermore, Tempstaff does not guarantee that the functions of Tempstaff Websites will remain free of problems including operational interruptions, errors, occurrence of computer viruses, etc. Tempstaff does not compensate for damages that may be sustained by anybody visiting Tempstaff Websites. Tempstaff is not responsible either for the contents of any other website that is linked with Tempstaff Websites. Visitors to a website linked to Tempstaff Websites are requested to agree to the terms and conditions for using such linked websites.